The Service

The mission of the Teaching and Research Staff and Economic Management of Human Resources Service is to be in charge of, following the guidelines of the Vice-Rector for Teaching Staff, planning and executing the processes of selection and provision of jobs for teaching and research staff, managing the appointment and hiring of this staff, as well as all incidents that affect their administrative or working life.

Likewise, our Service manages the procedure of preparation and payment of payroll and the corresponding liquidations of social contributions, Passive Classes and MUFACE, of all the personnel who provide their services at this University.

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All this in order to guarantee the adequacy of the staff to the objectives of the University, following the lines set out in its Strategic Plan and our Charter of Services.

We will do everything possible so that the contents are dynamic and constantly updated to adapt to your needs. For this reason, we will feel very satisfied with your questions and proposals for improvement, and we would appreciate if you send us any suggestions for action to our Suggestions Mailbox.

We want to warn you that the information that appears on the pages of this Service is only valid for informational purposes.

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You can find the contact information of the people who make up this Service in our Directory.

We are located on the first floor of the Rectorado and Social Council Building, located at Avda. De la Universidad de Elche, S / N, where we will be happy to assist you.